Mm is now moonshine

Moonshine - India’s first meadery, brought us in to rebrand and design a new packaging system for their range of meads. Their pre-existing brand identity and packaging that was well received by patrons and critics alike was facing a peculiar problem at a retail level. Shop keepers were referring to their meads as “M-M” rather than moonshine. Our primary objective with the rebranding and packaging was to fix this issue.

Our label system

The label system carried at the centre of it the primary logo unit of a white circle that represented the moon. We planned an influencer led label system wherein strategically selected artists where invited to design the label art. The artists were provided a template along with guidelines that maintained a certain level of brand continuity while keeping each label unique.

Social Media Creatives

Moonshine Meadery

Mead is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey with herbs and spices. It happens to be the oldest known alcohol to man with references in ancient scriptures from various cultures across the world. Having setup in 2017, Moonshine is Asia’s first meadery and have their meads available at select restaurants, bars and liquor stores across Maharashtra and Goa, India.

Photography credit: Thomas Babu

ClientRonin Wines Pvt. Ltd.ServicesBranding, DesignYear2019

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