Capturing the spirit of DIY

From the systems they brew their beers in to the smoker they use for their grilled food series, everything about Great State Ale Works was meticulously handcrafted by the team themselves. So when they approached us for their branding, it only seemed fitting to give them an identity that represented their hands-on DIY approach.
We created a dynamic identity system with one constant element (the brand name), accompanied by an array of interchangeable symbols inspired by the brand. In keeping with this idea, we generated a library of symbols not only for their myriad beers but also for their various properties like Great State Grillworks. To further extend the idea of DIY we decided to create custom stamps that can be used interchangeably as needed along with exclusive stamping inks we provided to give all their products a dynamic yet unique look.

Ale Works

Grill Works

Co. Op.

Brand elements

Small Batch Series

As part of their ongoing research with flavours and techniques in brewing, Great State Ale Works releases a monthly 200-litre ‘small batch series’ beer with innovative ingredients ranging from Kokum from Konkan to Gondhoraj limes from Assam. As a result of the gamble involved in these brews, the visual language followed suit-two dice paired with the infusing element of that brew.

Beer specific elements

Junglegym has provided Great State Aleworks with our complete brand identity from day one. Nikhil More wholly understands our ethos and always provides solutions for not only our design queries, but invariably knows the best way to execute it efficiently. We are grateful to have JungleGym working as a part of Great State, their contributions have been invaluable to us!

Nakul Bhonsle

Great State Ale Works is a 9000-litre craft brewery based in Pune, India and headed by Nakul Bhonsle. Being a production-only unit without a taproom or restaurant front allows them to truly & wholeheartedly delve into the art of brewing, source obscure ingredients, innovate and deliver quality beer to their customers through restaurants across Pune & Mumbai that they collaborate with. Junglegym has assisted Great State with their branding and strategy since their inception and continue to do so today.

ClientIndian Ale Ventures Pvt. Ltd.ServicesBranding, DesignYear2017

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