The fabric of Karbi Anglong

In the quest for a packaging design for Ecochai, Junglegym did not have to look any further than the people that helped make this organic tea- the indigenous Karbi people of Assam. By borrowing and revitalizing the geometric motifs seen in their traditional weave, a screen printed pattern was devised that both the producers and consumers of this tea could wholly identify with. The brown craft paper bags, bamboo canisters and jute rope ties were selected as they fit well with the keynote of sustainable agriculture.

Motif Exploration

The geometry of nature

For the motif which was to appear on every package, the geometrical theme was revisited to represent the precious tea leaves that make it into our teacups, accompanied by the brand’s primary value proposition- "hand crafted & single origin".

Eco Chai

Sheltered in the Karbi hills of central Assam, the Bogamati estate is unlike the typical stepped tea plantations that you would be inclined to imagine. Their tea plants are grown within a pesticide and chemical free acreage in the bosom of a forest, that is traversed only by the gurgling Nabor river and the fauna that reside there. In a country replete with mass produced, commercial tea, Ecochai remains steadfast in its focus on quality over quantity, in a method that is compassionate to the earth and its inhabitants.
*Images of the estate supplied by Bogamati Organic.

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