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Age-old tradition with a new-age approach

Tulua is a brand built around the idea of bringing India’s complex cuisine to people’s homes in a convenient and versatile way.
Findings from our market study showed that the ready-to-eat/cook category in India is visually cluttered, with loud, bright colours and heavy emphasis on the final dish.

We wanted to disrupt this trend by relieving the consumer of the noise and stand out on the shelf as a breath of fresh air.
Inspired by India, designed for home and abroad

The box artwork is a contemporary take on the age-old Indian art of rangoli-making, designed for markets in and outside of India.

Each arrangement was created by hand, and made using spices from the recipe it represents. A pop colour on the sides of the box to further catalyses association. When paired with handwritten typography, the packaging feels friendly and approachable.
Beyond just curry

Tulua, as a product aims to challenge global perceptions of Indian cuisine, and demonstrates how it extends beyond just curry. To highlight the versatility of the product, we chose not to display a final dish on the box. This shifts focus from a prepared meal to the ingredients that make it— encouraging creativity and experimentation.
Getting the design language right is extremely important for a consumer facing brand. Junglegym brings concepts to life. I completely trust Nikhil with my product. We couldn't have brought on better design partners for Tulua.”
Richy Dave
Founder, Tulua
Creative Direction: Nikhil More
Design Lead: Divya Pepalla
Print-Production Design: Pranav Nawar
Packaging Design
Client: Tulua Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Year: 2018
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